internet-marketingI know the world is changing because my mom has a Facebook account and my dad just got an iPhone. What this tells me is that I am definitely in the right industry.

Every Doctor and Medical Practice Should Be Focusing on Their Online Visibility

SEO and Internet Marketing offer medical professionals 3 really important things:

  1. Promoting Who You Are
  2. Helping People Find You and the Services You Offer
  3. Creating an Effective Online Presence

I hear everyday from people telling me that their business is doing fine without the Internet, but how well could these businesses be doing if they used the Internet?

Every doctor and medical practice benefits from new patients. At this point NOTHING works as well as the Internet to promote a business and to bring in new prospects.

Reputation Management

I have doctors call me on a monthly basis asking for help because someone put a bad review of them online and when you Google their name the review comes up first. Guess what? It can take a very long time to remove those reviews. However, if a proper and well thought-out Internet Marketing plan is already in motion it is much easier to push that review to the 2nd or 3rd page of Google.

The Economy

seo-services-floridaRight now is the time to be strategic in your business planning. Although it is unfortunate that many businesses are closing this year, we have to keep in mind that when businesses, doctors or medical practices are gone there are going to be a large number of clients/patients up for grabs. Now is the time to grab them! Now is your time to market yourself.

Training vs. Paying Someone Else

It is true that many people prefer to pay someone to do their SEO, PPC and email Marketing and that is fine. There are others, however, who are trying to save money and the truth is it is more cost effective to have your staff and marketing people trained  than it is to pay monthly fees to another company. Additionally, how much are these companies really helping their clients? How can you tell if you don’t know what you should be looking for?

Melissa Fach

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