medicalseotrainingAny SEO company can get you traffic. In reality traffic is easy, but what is traffic? Does traffic convert to dollars? Not always.

What You Need and What You Want

You need and want traffic that is searching for the services you provide. You want traffic that will pick up the phone and call you. You need the right kind of traffic and that is what “effective SEO” does. Effective SEO brings you traffic from people that actually want your exact services in your geographic location.

Web Visitor to Patient

So how do we convert a Web visitor to a patient? Careful planning. When a visitor goes to any Web site they are trying to decide who to choose. They choose a company or a service provider or a doctor when they decide they can trust them. So we create an SEO strategy that will bring visitors in, but we also create a marketing strategy that will create trust.  Before you choose an SEO company for your medical practice please determine whether or not they can provide you with an effective marketing strategy to support your SEO campaign. SEO and a carefully planned marketing strategy will bring you the success you are looking for.

Melissa Fach

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  1. I completely agree. Tons of traffic is not always a good thing. Especially when it’s visitors that could care less about your website services or one of your clients sites. If your traffic generated through SEO or other techniques doesn’t convert to sales, then you probably need to rethink the marketing strategies that you are using.

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