Build Relationships With Your PatientsThere are many ways of prospecting patients using the internet. One effective tool that is over looked by physicians practices is a simple E-Mail Campaign.

Yes, E-mail Campaigns can be an effective tool for prospecting patients. If you’re like most physician practices, you’re probably thinking you have nothing to sell or “I don’t want to be a bother to my patients”. What medical practices must realize is they can use e-mail campaigns to nurture relationships with current and prospective patients. Plus, many patients want more information about their disease and their treatment options.

Nurture Marketing

Nurture Marketing is a very successful technique that can be used to generate more patients to your practice. It is an ongoing process of providing information and nurturing a trusted relationship with current and potential patients.   It is better for patients to get medical information from you than a competitor or a third party site that has never stepped into your practice.

I’ve found that oncologists already provide a simple form of nurture marketing when they copy various cancer related articles and give them to their patients. This is a simple example, but their patients are less likely to seek another physician if they believe they have a good relationship with their physician.

How do you run a Nurture Marketing Campaign using e-mail?

  • Select an E-mail Program. There are many to choose from. Make sure the program you choose adheres to spam guidelines and is simple to use. I’ve found many practices with a great program that is too complex for their staff and e-mails are never sent.
  • Determine how you will collect e-mails. This is really rather simple to solve. You collect them during the registration process and on your web-site.
  • Create a plan on how you want to separate your e-mail list. Many practices make the mistake of having one large list of patient e-mails. Therefore, every patient get’s an email even if it doesn’t apply to them. Why would a breast cancer patient care about prostate cancer? Don’t get me wrong, there are times you’ll want to send an e-mail to every patient. Therefore, maintaining a general patient e-mail list is still important.
  • Get Content. One thing I’ve learned from working with physicians is they are constantly getting information about their specialty. Odds are if it interested you as a physician, it would be interesting to your patient. Just remember to create content that an average patient can understand.
  • Plan your calendar. Generally, nurture marketing campaigns aren’t something you want to plan. You should send information to patients as soon as you learn about it. Basically, you want your patients to hear it from you first. I do recommend a regular monthly e-mail to ensure you remain visible to all your patients.

Maintaining exceptional relationships with current and prospective patients optimizes the ability to attract new patients to your practice . Nurture marketing and E-Mail Campaigns can generate new patients and develop loyal patients.

Jeff Brooks, Medical SEO Trainer

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