Medical SEO Trainer

melissa-fachMrs. Fach is the owner of SEO Aware, LLC and she is truly focused on offering SEO and Internet Marketing services. She does not want to be a one stop shop that offers all services, but can’t do them well. She prefers to do what she loves and hire efficient vendors for other services. With her you get someone that strives to know more.  Mrs. Fach  feels that only with daily education on the industry can she offer fair and superior services to her clients.

Mrs. Fach has a Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology and Master’s degree specializing in mental health. Both of these degrees have enhanced  Mrs. Fach ’s ability to create effective online marketing campaign.  She created an online writing business so she could also focus on family more.

Copywriting quickly turned to SEO Copywriting. To really be great at SEO Copywriting you need to learn about SEO. The more  Mrs. Fach learned the more she realized that clients were getting sold badly coded Web sites and that the monthly optimization they were paying for was not really optimization. So, she educated herself on Web coding, Web design, Internet Marketing and SEO. She combined this knowledge with psychology to offer superior services. She says, “It is one thing to get visitors to a site, it is another to convince them to invest through a computer screen.”

Mrs. Fach  runs a well-known SEO blog and has spoken at various events about Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing. She believes in SEO training and has seen great success with businesses that truly want to learn.