Email Marketing Training for Medical Professionals

71044576E-mail Marketing is one of the most efficient, inexpensive ways to communicate with your patients. It allows you to reach your patients without breaking your marketing budget. More importantly, effective email marketing can promote every service you offer, create trust and influence readers to forward the message to someone that needs your services.

Promote Your Services Directly to Your Patients

Through email marketing, medical practices are able to make their patients aware of  products and services they offer. Emails allow you to include links to your website that won’t draw your patient’s attention to your competitor’s website because of a higher search engine ranking. Plus, emails using links are able to increase the volume of website traffic, thus assisting your site in earning higher search engine rankings.

Manage Your Practice’s E-Mail Campaigns

Learn how set up a program custom-designed to keep you in contact with your patients.

Our E-Mail Marketing Training Includes:

  • Learning the basics of email marketing.
  • Understand why Opt-In and Opt-Out is important
  • Best practices to help you keep subscribers.
  • How to increase deliverability and open rates in your campaigns.
  • Tips for writing compelling email newsletter and campaign content.
  • See real examples of successful email campaigns.
  • Learn how to drive more sales through email marketing.

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