PPC - Pay Per Click Training

ppc-trainingPay-Per-Click Marketing is a type of Search Engine Marketing. In this type of advertising you pay a search engine every time a potential customer clicks on your ad. Pay-Per-Click campaigns are designed to allow you to strategically place an ad when specific keywords are used during an Internet search on various search engines.

Get First Page Listing Immediately

This is an important SEO tool for medical practices since it can be difficult to immediately achieve top level positioning in the search engines. Pay-Per-Click Marketing is also an excellent way to promote specific procedures directly to patients searching for them. The key to Pay-Per-Click campaigns is to spend the least amount of money with the best results.

Why Pay Someone to Manage Your Pay-Per-Click Campaign?

pay-per-click-trainingMost medical practices pay a monthly fee to an Internet Marketing Firm to create and manage their Pay-Per-Click Campaigns. These fees are often way over and beyond the actual Pay-Per-Click costs assessed by search engines. Your medical practice can eliminate this cost by learning how to create and manage your own Pay-Per-Click Campaigns.

Learn to Manage your Pay-Per-Click Campaign

We explain how to create and manage Pay-Per-Click Campaigns for Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines targeting keywords that will drive your revenue.

Our Pay-Per-Click Marketing Training Includes:

- An Overview of Pay-Per-Click Marketing
- Which Search Engines to Target
- How to Build and Design a Successful Pay-Per-Click Campaign
- Effective Pay-Per-Click Bidding Strategies
- Why Landing Pages Are Important
- Tracking Pay-Per-Click Conversions
- How to Use Your Data In Your SEO Strategies
- How to See What Your Competition Is Paying For

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