SEO - Search Engine Optimization Training

seo-training-medicalSEO is not as simple as adding keywords. The amount of research needed to create an effective SEO campaign differentiates the true SEO’s from those who offer the service, but have no clue.

Our SEO trainer specializes in SEO and focuses her daily education on SEO and Internet Marketing. When we come in to train your staff about SEO we cover everything we possibly can to help you saturate the Web and create and effective online presence.

What Our SEO Training Will Cover:

- How to Research

- Research Tools You Didn’t Know About

- How to See the Optimization Strategy of Your Competitors

- SEO Copywriting - Without Optimized Copy You Will Not Succeed

- Google Rules and Guidelines - What to do and what to avoid!

- Backlinking - How to create them and what to do with them.

- How to Use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools

- What Sites and Blogs to Watch to Keep Up With This Ever-Changing Industry